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Service to Customers

Because of the knowledge and experience of the directors, Forest Products Africa is in a good position to source, internationally, quality timber products, and to obtain committed volumes at competitive prices.

Experience and market knowledge enables us to understand customer requirements and needs.

Forest Products Africa offers a line of credit as well as looking after the hassles connected with importing such as customs, duties, clearing, and exchange control problems associated with remitting payments.

Forest Products Africa are able to provide their customers with technical, economic and marketing advice about the timber business.


Service to suppliers

Our knowledge of the market enables us to find customers for a broad range of products and our understanding of customers needs can often be
turned into new product developments.

We are also able to provide our principals with market research and market intelligence based on our in depth knowledge of the timber market.

Our knowledge of local industry and politics enables us to look after our principals interests with industry associations and government departments.

We also offer a complete credit risk management service that includes:-
Insuring of our book
First hand knowledge of the market ensures sound credit risk decisions.
We handle the collection of all accounts.
Our money is at risk, principals can be sure that we will manage it cautiously.

Last but not least, our business philosophy is based on integrity and openness to ensure that the principal obtains market related prices at the
lowest distribution cost and lowest credit risk.