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The products that we are able to offer are as follows:
1. Pine logs
Pinus elliotti - slash pine
Pinus Patula
Pinus Taeda - Loblolly

Also available in small quantities periodically are:

Pinus Radiata, Canareinsis, Pseudostrobus, Pinaster and Roxburghii
(Occasionally parcels of Cypresses occur)
2. Eucalyptus - various species
3. Wattle Logs
4. Hardwood Logs & Squares
Pau Preto - Dalbergia Melanoxylon
Pau Rosa - Berchemia Zeyheri
Chacatepreto - Gurbourtia Conjugata
Sandalo - Spirostachys Africana
Jambirre - Millettia Stunimannii
Umbila - Pterocarpus angolensis
Chanfuta - Afzelia Quanzensis
Umbaua - Khava Nyasica
Pau Ferro - Swartzia Madagascartensis
5. Softwood Lumber
kiln dried structural grade pine lumber
appearance grade pine lumber
industrial/casing grade pine lumber
6. Pine Plywood
7. Blockboards & Shutterboards
8. Laminated Pine Timber
9. Interior Pine Panel Doors
10. Finger Jointed Blanks for Door Stock
11. Pallet Components (Pine & Gum)
12. Cable Drum Components

We Have also recently been granted the agency (because of our contact with harbour
authorities and electricity authorities), to market "Sling and Load Restraints"
equipment and "LiGhteneing and Surge Protectors"