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Forest Products Africa was formed in April 1995 when Andre Barnard and Mike du Toit got together to start a business with the objective of trading in timber and timber products.

The foundation of the business was based on Forest Products Africa obtaining the agency to market timber products on behalf of Border Timbers Limited of Zimbabwe in South Africa. Forest Products Africa is
also developing other relationships with timber products suppliers inside and outside of South Africa that will not be in conflict with each other, as our fundamental philosophy is "acting in the interests of our principals"


Identify South African and global markets for
commodities and products out of Africa. Find and develop
sources for such commodities and products.
Organise distribution channels to facilitate the movement
of such commodities and products from source to
  1. Who are our customers?
    Traders and manufacturers all overthe globe.
  2. What value will we offer?
    Our sourcing marketing, commercial and technical skills as well as our knowledge of Africa.
  3. How will we do it?
    By matching markets to resources and building distribution channels through alliances and partnerships.
(What counts around here)

We are in the business for the long haul Our core values are integrity, honesty, transparency. We aim to form partnerships and alliances built on
openness and trust that benefit all our stake holders.


our customers
producers / suppliers / partners
our employees

Our aim is to help all our stakeholders achieve maximum potential.
We believe that barriers between people are broken down through free trade.

People do business with people that they trust.

What value will we offer?

Directors Knowledge and Experience

Andre Barnard has some twenty four years experience in sawmilling and international trading in timber products. He has also run a millwork plant
and has acted as both a business and technical consultant to various timber companies.

He has an M.B.A. degree and a wealth of knowledge of international timber markets and products.

Mike du Toit spent twelve years marketing industrial rubber products with a major multi national company and has been in the timber business for
fourteen years spending seven years as the National Sales Manager of the largest timber products producer in South Africa.

He is a Member of the Institute of Marketing Management and has also presented papers at international seminars on the marketing of timber products.

He has an in depth knowledge of the timber market.

Bev Butler runs the Sales Administration side in our office. She has been in the timber business for twelve years and is a highly competent person dedicated to helping you find solutions for your timber procurement problems.